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In today's secular society, it's often difficult to find books which help children develop pride in being Jewish and learn about our history, customs, and what makes Judaism "special".

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Featured Book: The Numbers of My Jewish Year
The Numbers of My Jewish Year

Jewish Book Categories

Current Topics

Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur

Jewish Folktales and Talmudic Stories

Jewish Gifts

Jewish Videos

Jewish Music for Kids

Jewish Toys and Gifts

Jewish Gift Baskets & Gourmet Food

Jewish Parenting (For Adults)

Jewish Artwork (For Adults)

Jewish Jewelry

Books for Intermediate Readers and Young Adults

Bar/Bat Mitzvah books (Fiction & Nonfiction)

General Fiction

Historical Fiction:
  • Biblical Era
  • Middle Ages, the Renaissance, & the Spanish Inquisition
  • Immigration & The American Experience
  • European History (After 1700)
  • Holocaust
  • Israel

  • Family Cookbooks

    Torah Study

    Prayer, Ethics/Morality, and Jewish Life

    Haggadahs, Siddurim, & Other Prayerbooks


    Introductory Hebrew

    Nonfiction / Jewish History:
  • Biographies
  • General Jewish History and Jewish Trivia
  • Ancient Jewish History
  • European History
  • Jewish-American History
  • The Holocaust
  • Israel & Israeli History

  • Books for Toddlers, Young Readers, and Books to Be Read Aloud

    General Interest Books

    Bible Stories

    Holiday Collections


    Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur

    Sukkot/ Simchat Torah


    Tu B'Shevat



    Lag B'Omer


    Board Books

    Family Cookbooks

    Jewish Folktales and Talmudic Stories

    Introductory Hebrew

    History & Historical Fiction


    Jewish Life
    (Mitzvot, Kashrut, Jewish Home, Explaining G-d, etc.)

    Jewish Parenting (For Adults)

    Life Cycle Events

    Prayerbooks & Haggadahs

    Hanukkah Greeting Cards (For Adults)

    Interfaith Books

    Hanukkah Greeting Cards (For Adults)

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